Find Your Love in Covid-19 Pandemic

Zing Admin Published on August 27, 2020

In the tough time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole world is getting used to the concept of social distancing. For some people, it means lots of quality time with their loved ones or life partner, but for singles, the self-quarantine situation is creating a different set of challenges.

With each passing day, the chances to meet new people in public seem nonexistent. This meant that all normal aspects of life, including dating, had to be postponed. Remember the back-and-forth of trying to set up a day and time for a date? Or perhaps the sweaty hands and nervous smiles during a blind date? Those were the days.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the online-dating protocol was to move from a brief chat via the app to date, as quickly as possible after mutually swiping right. But now, with no end to the pandemic insight, dating-app creators are looking for ways to prolong safe virtual relationships for weeks, even months, stretching their roles from matchmakers to love nurturers.

At Zing, from the beginning, we have always tried to make the app smoother and easier to get you a perfect partner to begin your love life. With instant matching and chat features, you can find your people without tiring out your thumbs.

Singles are facing special challenges during this pandemic. In a pandemic, the internet becomes the only way to continue meeting new people, but the actual dating part becomes nearly impossible due to social distancing, isolating, and the threat of a deadly virus.

COVID-19 pandemic has slowed things down. Let’s look at some of how coronavirus has changed the dating game, and how those changes might provide some lasting benefits.

Video Chat Is Must

With the pandemic going on, couples tend to do prolonged video chats rather than doing a small talk on text chatting.

During the pandemic, Zing Dating conducted several surveys with their members about how they’ve changed their online dating habits since the world shut down. An impressive number of members replied that they are doing video chatting. Before COVID-19, only 4% of these members were using video chatting and now 56% are open to video chat with a potential partner and like to talk via video chat.

More Talk Time

With the coronavirus lockdowns, many of you now have more time. You aren’t dressing in the morning, commuting to work, or meeting pals after office hours. Many of you have more time to talk. Moreover, you have something important to talk about.  Instead, during this pandemic, singles are likely to share far more meaningful thoughts of fear and hope — and get to know vital things about potential partners fast.

Zing Dating Members’ Pandemic Experience

No one exactly knows the best way to date right now and we are all navigating online dating the best ways we know-how. A story from one of our members is that he went on one good date in early March and by mid-March, they were quarantined together. He caught COVID-19 shortly after and they both got through it together in that situation.

When COVID-19 sent Debra Miller’s indoors for the foreseeable future, the 24-year-old student wasn’t expecting to meet her soul mate. But, then she matched with Andrew Morrow on Zing, and the two quickly bonded over a video chat. Ms. Miller said that installing the Zing app and meeting Andrew is the best thing that happened with her during this pandemic. For two weeks, she and Andrew have been video chatting multiple times each day on Zing.


Can you make a genuine relationship over an app? Finding your perfect match has never been easier with the Zing Dating App. You can start a live chat with an individual once you both mutually like one another. You can send them text messages, image attachments, stickers, and gifts as well. Apart from conventional chat, you can also use the random video chat option to communicate with online people of the app using live video chat.

Zing Admin Published on August 27, 2020

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