Why Choose Zing as Best Dating App in 2023?

Zing Admin Published on January 11, 2023

Tinder is a successful dating app that changed how people date. It made people who have a hectic life meet people who are meant for them. Several don’t have time to move around and enjoy a social life. The tinder app was created for this purpose.

However, it set the pace for several dating apps that dived down niches and offered support to singles globally. Several businesses identified the gaps, studied people using Tinder and determined the applications they could develop to improve the dating scene.

We developed an application Zing that uses the same premise as Tinder but offers a more secure solution. This is in sync with the user’s requirement for keeping data safe, making swiping easy and offering more local results.
This guide will take you through the top reasons why Zing is the go-to app for your dating requirements in 2023.

4 Factors that Make a Dating App Successful

There are certain guiding factors that you should incorporate to make the dating application successful.

4 factors that make a dating app successful

#1 Offering Increased Security

When looking for a dating app, you should ensure it offers the security and privacy it deserves. A dating app is at greater risk and can fall prey to hackers. Data loss can be misused and lead to major issues for the user. From fraudulent billing to phishing, several things can hamper the usage if you don’t have a secure app solution.

A secure code with great protection can help protect your identity and ensure greater security. While writing an algorithm, you should ensure a proper network through the backend. This would allow you to securely access the data and protect sensitive information. A successful app will keep the data in encrypted containers and complete the network penetration testing before launching the solution.

#2 Take Steps to Prevent Catfishing

The popularity of online dating apps has led to an increase in catfishing and profile phishing. Several people create fraudulent profiles to steal from people. Owing to this, people don’t trust dating apps. They don’t even use these apps after the first download and installation.

Dating apps must ensure that they follow defined steps to verify the users. Make sure you have all the valid identity details to help prevent these fraudsters from creating a profile on your application.

You should consider opting for photo and video verification. Make sure to add a risk score to your algorithm. This will help you know if the profile is risky and will increase your issues. With a good risk score, you can reduce catfishing and fraudulent activities.

#3 Take Steps to Acquire Users

A new dating app needs to acquire users and ensure they stay long. It can be quite a tedious affair, especially when you are new. A successful app recognizes this challenge while they are in the development stage. The app would ensure that they have strategically defined ways to acquire and retain users.

The acquisition starts with recognizing the niche where they want to operate. For some dating apps, the niche would be local apps, apps for a specific professional community or something else. The niche will help you determine the user types and their behaviour, which can help with the marketing strategy.

It is equally important to determine the value you are offering with your mobile application. If your dating app is similar to others in the segment, you might want to rethink the premise and goals. Eventually, you will find your USP that can help increase the downloads.

When it comes to mastering the acquisitions, you need to focus on usability as well as user experience. Make sure you make your app as intuitive and interesting as possible. Monitor how people in your niche use the app so that you can identify how to create the interactions and user interface for the application.

#4 Overcome the Lack of Trust

With the issues surrounding dating apps and several people being mobbed, it is only fair that you take notice of this problem. When building your application, consider the numerous ways you can overcome the lack of trust.

You can use features such as spam detectors and filters that can help the user find relevant profiles. You can introduce AI into your mobile app to make it smarter in identifying fraudsters.

Why is Zing the Best Dating Application?

We now know what makes a dating app successful. Let’s look at why Zing is your go-to dating application in 2023.

why is zing the best dating application

1. Hassle-free Swiping

Matching with someone is easy and intuitive with the interactive swiping mode. The interface is pretty usable, and most of the elements have been designed within the area of access.

The app has been designed keeping in mind the user’s usage and app behaviour. As a result, the learning curve is low, the matching is fast, and the entire interface is intuitive.

2. Share your Passion and Hobbies

Getting a relevant match is important. It works when you both have similar interests and passions. Zing allows you to add your passion and hobbies. Using these aspects, the algorithm will decide which person best fits your personality. This will remove unwanted matches or requests.

3. Connect before you Meet

It is possible that you need clarification on the person despite the algorithm matching you. Meeting face-to-face is a huge step. However, with Zing, you can have a video call with the person. Check if the person is someone that might interest you. It is available with a pro version, but it is worth investing in as it will help you avoid people who may not interest you.

4. Excessive Security

With online phishing and catfishing taking charge, your data can fall prey to vulnerabilities. This can cause havoc in your life with fraudsters all around. Zing has included extensive security to avoid this situation and make online dating easy for you. From encrypted authorization to verification of profiles, we have taken all the steps to make your dating life secure.

5. Filter out People

You can easily choose the people you consider dating with the different filters available on this channel. It allows you to choose from people of the same wavelength or who share similar interests. Several filters can help you choose the right person.

Must-have Features to Improve Engagement

There is stiff competition in the online dating world. You will notice several players enthusiastically adding new apps and features. Here we will list the top features your app must contain to make it engaging and interesting.

5 must-have features to improve engagement

1. Gamification: This can increase the usability and engagement of your dating application. You can add pointers, hearts, or something similar for every conversation or swipe. Users can get a discount or unlock a feature when they reach a particular level. These things can keep the user engaged and make the app more usable.

2. In-app Chats: If you swipe right or left, that’s not enough to get started with dating. You must talk to the person before you know it’s a match. That’s why in-app chatting is important. It can help the user know whether to move forward with the match.

3. Icebreakers: Tinder has introduced icebreakers, allowing two people to converse. It helps them initiate communication. Designing these conversation starters can help you keep the user in the application.
4. Push Notifications: It is equally important to update the user about a new swipe, someone who has liked them and so on. These push notifications can keep the user engaged.

5. Social Media Integration: Allow the users to share their profiles on social media. Allow them to sign up using the social channel that they prefer. Social media integration can help you get more users and retain them longer.


Zing is a dating app developed to help meet new people and interact with them. It is a new-age way to initiate conversations with people of interest.

If you want to initiate online dating or restart your dating life, zing is the place to go in 2023. Download the app from the Apple store or Google Play store and get started.

Zing Admin Published on January 11, 2023

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